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Accessories for Your Aquarium

From tanks and lights to artificial plants and other decorative items, Lance’s Aquarium can obtain any item you desire to achieve the aquarium of your dreams. Lance has been working in partnership with the same aquarium manufacturers for over 25 years.

Current Specials

Lance's Aquarium has a very large selection of tissue culture plants from Denmark and Germany. Lance's Aquarium also has all of the accessories to grow them successfully such as special potting, substrates, tools and fertilizers. The following brands are:

  • Dennerle
  • Tropica (from Denmark)

Sera Products are also available at Lance's Aquarium! Sera products are made in Germany and is Europes #1 selling aquarium products and food. Lance's Aquarium has the complete line of pond products, food, salt water, fresh water, chemicals, etc. 

Light Bulb Sale: Buy 1 (halides or power compacts), get 1 FREE! 

  • Aquarium replacement light bulbs for aquarium fixtures.
  • All power compact replacement metal halide light bulbs. 
Girl looking in at fish in a tank at an aquarium
Young girl looks in at an aquarium full of fish

Tanks, Plants and More!

Lance’s Aquarium will answer any questions you have in regards to tank sizes and what is appropriate for each fish species.

Remember that a fish will grow and thrive with an appropriately-sized tank filled with the right balance of live plants, rocks, and other accessories.

Lance’s Aquarium invites you to come in and discuss your aquarium vision. Lance has been working with the same aquarium manufacturer since 1988.

We will find the perfect combination of fish, plants, and rock to add to your tank. We will work with you to create an ecosystem where fish can flourish and remain healthy.

We stock everything you could need to create the perfect aquarium, but should you want something we do not carry, we will order it for you.

We go the extra mile to make customers happy and we have the ability to obtain anything you may want for your aquarium and its inhabitants.

We Stock:

  • Tanks: any size aquarium you want.
  • Lights: new, innovative designs, as well as, classic style lighting.
  • Filters: the right filter is important to the removal of toxins from your fish’s water.
  • Decorative items: a very large selection to choose from in store.
  • Aquarium Furniture: we order our aquarium furniture from the same manufacturer we order our aquariums from. This manufacturer designs thousands of pieces each year to support the weight of your tank and the equipment, thus keeping your warranty valid. We offer custom designs, stains, and colors
  • Substrate: full selection for fresh and saltwater. We carry over 100 different sands and gravels, including traditional shapes, sizes, and colors of sands.
  • Tissue Culture Plants: cutting edge, new technique which creates new, pest-free, healthy plants to add to your aquarium without risk to your healthy fish.
  • Parts: spare parts for many items that we sell, and products that have been out of stock elsewhere for years.
Purchasing pet fish supplies at the aquarium
Fish tank glowing at night

Lance’s Aquarium has the answers to all your aquarium questions. Whether you want to create a tranquil aquarium for all to enjoy or want to revamp the aquarium you already have, Lance’s Aquarium is the perfect place to supply you with everything you need. Lance, himself, would be happy to share his passion for salt and freshwater fish with you as you work together to create something beautiful!

Call today at 702-364-5270 to schedule a time to drop off a sample of your tank water so we can best assist with your aquarium needs.